“May your morning coffee be strong enough to get you to your mid-morning coffee”. Being the coffee-lover I am, I can truly appreciate the sentiment. Preparing to order my first morning cup, I stepped up to the counter ready to place my order. After greeting the barista, I went on to ask for a grande, breve, black and white mocha with one pump of mocha, one pump of white mocha, and half a pump of peppermint, extra hot.  The confused look on her face was enough to clue me in that I needed to slowly repeat myself. This lead me to think, how often do we barge in to God’s presence with a simple greeting and lead in to our laundry list of desires and needs. Are we treating God as though He is our barista, there simply to serve us and fill our complicated orders, or are we taking time to build relationship with Him. Spend time in His presence today. Take time not to ask for something FROM Him, but rather something WITH Him. Ask for a deeper relationship with the Lord, ask for intimate time in His presence. God is here to do more than simply customize our day with the things we need and want, He is a sovereign God who desires first to have a relationship with us. Invite Him to be a part of your day. Seek Him first.

Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.”


Rachel Price

Children’s Ministries Pastor

O: 479.273.5141

M: 214.280.4989

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